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Date Started October 17, 2014
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Glass Dildos

  • Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set
  • Description: Two of the most stylish, super-smooth, super-strong glass dildos ever! Created by international sexpert Tracey Cox, these gorgeous glass dildos are crafted to give you ultimate pleasure with their teasing textures and sensual curves.
  • Price: 49.99
  • Icicles No 29 Textured Swirl G-Spot Glass Dildo
  • Description: Patterned with its beautiful blue raised ripples, this sensational glass dildo from Icicles is curved to deliver waves of delight to your internal sweet spots. Now, how often is it that you find something that's pretty AND pleasurable?
  • Price: 45.99
  • Icicles No 5 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo 7 Inch
  • Description: A sensational hand-blown glass massager that upgrades your pleasure to new heights. With a beautifully raised swirl texture, this glass wand is ideal for massage or insertion, while the bulbed head adds extra stimulation for out-of-this-world pleasure.
  • Price: 32.99
  • Glassvibrations Textured Devil Tongue Glass Dildo
  • Description: When it comes to the battle of the tongues, even Gene Simmons couldn't compete with this devilish glass dildo from Glassvibrations. S-shaped to hit those internal sweet spots, this tantalising tongue is textured with scores of delicious ridges and bumps.
  • Price: 52.99
  • Icicles No 8 Wavy Glass Dildo
  • Description: You know how some food is almost too beautiful to eat? Well, this gorgeous glass dildo is almost too stunning to use - almost. Featuring a wavy, curved shaft that delivers powerfully potent internal massages, it feels every inch as incredible as it looks.
  • Price: 42.99
  • Icicles No 38 Glass Dildo with Leather Cat-O-Nine Tails
  • Description: Giving new meaning to the term 'slap and tickle' is this sensual all-in-one glass dildo and flogger. Featuring lengthy suede fronds at one end and a weighty, ridged dildo with a ball-ended tip at the other, it's the perfect balance of pleasure and pain.
  • Price: 45.99
  • Icicles No 24 Tentacle Glass Dildo 6 Inch
  • Description: Spectacular, tentacular adventures await the holder of Icicles' 6 inch glass dildo. Both work of art and object of pleasure, this beautiful glass toy is elegantly curved, with stimulating nubs, rows of bumps and vein-like ridges all powering arousal.
  • Price: 58.99
  • Crystal Heart Wavy Glass Dildo 5.8 Inch
  • Description: Show yourself some love with this pretty glass dildo from Crystal Clear. Its shapely curves expertly massage your internal pleasure zones (be they vaginal or anal), while the flared tip and heart handle decoration offer a secure grip for peace of mind.
  • Price: 37.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand
  • Description: An explosive G-spot massage is yours thanks to the gentle upward curve of the Drive Me Crazy glass dildo. Enjoy different sensations from each end and thrilling stimulation from its orgasmic textures. Warm up or cool down for teasing, new pleasures.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Gläs Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Dildo 8 Inch
  • Description: Gorgeously curved and sensationally smooth, this luxurious hand-blown glass anal dildo features a wide tip that fills you up and targets your posterior's pleasure points for mind-blowing orgasms. Plus, it's beautiful to look at, too.
  • Price: 28.99
  • Lovehoney Double Ended Textured Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Playtime is twice as nice with this 10.5 inch double ended glass dildo. Each end is tipped with a tapered bulb head and the gently curved shaft is coated with raised dots and whirls to tingle your internal hot spots and take you all the way.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Bobbles and bumps are the most pleasurable surfaces, and this hand-blown glass dildo is covered in them. A temperature-responsive toy created for super-charged textured sensations, enjoy its 100% playable surface area as each nub glides over your skin.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Gläs Mr Swirly Textured Glass Dildo 8 Inch
  • Description: Pretty as a paperweight but intensely more fun, this sensational glass dildo offers 8 inches of textured insertable length for outstanding stimulation. Curved at the top, with a wide, ridged head, its smooth contours perfectly massage P and G-spots.
  • Price: 34.99
  • Icicles No 50 Bumpy Textured Glass Dildo
  • Description: If you're seeking your first close encounter of the glass kind, you've found it. Looking a little like something you'd find in a sci-fi movie, Icicle's Bumpy glass dildo features a heavenly dotted shaft and bulbed tip for out-of-this-world sensations.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Icicles No 61 Textured Realistic Glass Dildo
  • Description: Pairing authentically dong-like detailing with the sublime sensation of handblown glass, Icicle's realistic glass dildo delivers delicious internal massages for anal or vaginal play. Its textured shaft and curved tip perfectly pinpoint your sweet spots.
  • Price: 38.99
  • Icicles No 60 Beginner's Slimline Realistic Glass Dildo
  • Description: As pleasing to behold as it is to use, this slender dildo is handblown from the finest borosilicate glass to deliver mind-blowing internal sensations. With a curved tip, textured shaft, and flared base for safe play, it's the perfect first glass toy.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Once your eyes are open to the pleasure of glass dildos you'll never look at a window the same way again. Beautifully crafted for fulfilling sensations, begin with the sleekly curved and bulbed end and build your way up to the bumpy ribs of the reverse.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Lovehoney Spiral G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Textured swirls adorn the shaft of this glorious glass dildo, giving you incredible intimate massages. Meanwhile, the sleek, bulbous tip makes a beeline for your G-spot. Things are only going to end one way - explosively!
  • Price: 25.99
  • Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Versatile and beautiful, this beaded dildo's row of pronounced bulbs and its smooth curve add a new dimension of pleasure to shared and solo and play. Indulge in a firmness that's uniquely satisfying for both internal and external massage.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Lovehoney Textured Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Indulge in textured swirls and stimulating bulbs for double the pleasure and excitement during intimate play and sensual massages. Firm, sleek glass combines with orgasm-inducing detail to give you a play session like never before.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Lovehoney Curved G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Introduce this gorgeous glass dildo to your play times and your G-spot or P-spot will be sending your thank you cards for all eternity. Its form is silky smooth and specifically shaped to give both him and her the most satisfying of conclusions.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Lovehoney Realistic Sensual Glass Anal Dildo
  • Description: Experience the pleasures of slick internal stimulation with the Realistic Sensual Glass Anal Dildo. This incredibly versatile unisex toy can be used for firm G-spot massage or incredible P-spot stimulation. All you have to decide is which end to use...
  • Price: 25.99
  • Lovehoney Realistic Textured Sensual Glass Dildo
  • Description: Sleek, slippery and perfectly formed for breathtaking internal stimulation, the Lovehoney Realistic Textured Glass Dildo boasts a gloriously bulbous realistic head, curved shaft and textured veins for out-of-this-world internal pleasure.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Coco de Mer Dual Textured Glass Dildo
  • Description: When it comes to pleasure, more is more, so why limit yourself to one style of stimulation? Twin insertable ends on this Coco de Mer dildo mean you can flip between the filling smooth bulbed shaft or the acute intensity of linked glass beads.
  • Price: 168.99
  • Coco de Mer Artisan Glass Wand Dildo
  • Description: Uncover sweet satisfaction with the smooth S-shaped curves of Coco de Mer's artisan glass dildo. Ergonomic in shape and sculpted from purest glass, indulge your erotic fantasies with this sensual treasure.
  • Price: 77.99
  • Coco de Mer Double Pleasure Artisan Glass Dildo
  • Description: With a sweeping S-shape designed to make you writhe, Coco de Mer's gorgeous glass dildo can be used any way you like - either alone or enjoying intimate company. A softly undulating shaft at each end ensures a stellar session however you use it.
  • Price: 220.99
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