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Date Started October 17, 2014
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Magic Wand Vibrators

  • Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager
  • Description: Forget magic; mystic is the new black! Powerful, discreet, cordless and waterproof, this mini magic (sorry) MYSTIC wand is perfect for free roaming play wherever you desire. Pop it in your bag for fun away from home, or in the tub for extra steamy fun.
  • Price: 64.99
  • Wand Essentials G-Tip Magic Wand Attachment
  • Description: Amp up the sexual abilities of your magic wand vibrator with this innovative textured attachment. With a bulbous G-spot massager and T-bar base, both of which are covered in nerve-tingling nodules, it transforms your wand into something truly magical.
  • Price: 24.99
  • Wand Essentials Nuzzle Tip Magic Wand Attachment
  • Description: Believe it or not, it is actually possible to make your super-powerful, ultra-awesome magic wand vibrator even better. No, we're not pulling your leg! Just slip this attachment over the head of your vibe to discover the orgasmic difference for yourself.
  • Price: 21.99
  • Wand Essentials Rabbit Magic Wand Attachment
  • Description: Get ready to have your mind blown and your chasm spasmed with this magic wand rabbit attachment by Wand Essentials. It combines the power of your wand with the orgasm-inducing pleasure of a rabbit vibe to bring you Hulk-style orgasms you won't forget!
  • Price: 19.99
  • Wand Essentials 3teez Magic Wand Attachment
  • Description: For power queens who love to have their entire honey pot pleasured, the Wand Essentials magic wand attachment transforms your powerful vibrator into a thing of wonder. Stimulating your clit, G-spot and butt all at once, let the countdown to climax begin!
  • Price: 19.99
  • Bodywand Rabbit Wand Attachment
  • Description: Just when we thought magic wands couldn't get any better, Bodywand bring out this ingenious creation! Slipping over the head of your wand, this silicone attachment transforms it into an ultra-powerful rabbit vibrator in a jiffy, for ultimate blended O's.
  • Price: 32.99
  • Bodywand G-Spot Wand Attachment
  • Description: Looking to get more from your magic wand vibrator? You just hit the jackpot my friend. With this simple G-spot attachment by your side, transform your wand from powerful massager to super-strong climax-inducer in a jiffy. Squirt-tastic!
  • Price: 32.99
  • Lovehoney Beaded Magic Wand Attachment
  • Description: This great-value attachment slides snugly over the head of your Magic Wand for a snug fit. The beaded stimulator carries the powerful vibrations of the Magic Wand just where you want them.
  • Price: 22.99
  • Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment
  • Description: Send your pleasure soaring with this silicone magic wand accessory by Wand Essentials. Slip its curvaceous form onto the head of your massager and turn up the power to mimic the slow-building sensation of oral sex wherever you please. Fap-tastic!
  • Price: 24.99
  • Lovehoney Hummer Male Masturbator Wand Attachment
  • Description: Upgrade your magic wand with Lovehoney's Hummer attachment, transforming it into a powerful vibrating male masturbator. Made from flexible skin-safe rubber, it transmits vibrations through its ridges and nodules to stimulate your entire manhood. Vroom!
  • Price: 24.99
  • Bodywand 5 Function Mini Massager Vibrator
  • Description: It might not be a wand you'd find at Hogwarts, but this mini Bodywand is all about magical sensations. Explore its 5 bewitching modes and glide it over tired muscles for powerful relaxation, or intimate areas to conjure out-of-this-world climaxes.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Bodywand Aqua Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Forget 1 hit (sorry, 2 hit) wonder Aqua, this Aqua is here to stay. With 8 super-powerful modes, a whisper-quiet motor and completely wireless waterproof design, it goes everywhere with you for on-the-spot rumbly bliss. You can touch, you can play...
  • Price: 69.99
  • Wand Essentials P-Spot Magic Wand Attachment for Men
  • Description: Pleasure your prostate and enjoy Earth-shattering climaxes, without touching your penis once. Instead, rumble your rump with the power of a magic wand and the precision of this P-spot attachment for orgasmic release that'll knock your socks off!
  • Price: 16.99
  • Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Bursting with 30% more power than the Hitachi wand and a selection of exciting vibration speeds, the plug-in Doxy wand vibrator stimulates and massages you and your partner to explosive heights of pleasure.
  • Price: 134.99
  • Lovehoney G-Spot Pleaser Wand Attachment
  • Description: It may not be a robot in disguise but there's certainly more than meets the eye with this simple wand attachment. Designed to instantly transform your magic wand into a powerful orgasmic G-spot vibe, prepare for spellbinding, targeted stimulation.
  • Price: 24.99
  • Tracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicone Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Tracey Cox's elegant and powerful silicone wand vibrator is on a mission to wow. Bursting to life with 7 rumbling patterns and 3 intense speeds, its firm silicone head aims straight for his and her thrill spots for results that take you from wow to WOW.
  • Price: 39.99
  • Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Don't be fooled by its diminutive size - this Mini Wand is just as powerful as its bigger sisters, with 8 powerful speeds and patterns delivering devastatingly delightful sensations that will leave you weak at the knees.
  • Price: 44.99
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! USB Rechargeable Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Achieve full body satisfaction with the Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! Rechargeable Wand Vibrator. Guide the smooth silicone head to wherever you desire and explore the 8 powerful vibration modes for an incredible climactic release.
  • Price: 79.99
  • The Swan Wand USB Rechargeable Powerful Wand Vibrator
  • Description: A double-ended vibe for never-ending pleasure, Swan's USB rechargeable wand vibrator combines sleek silicone, killer curves and a motor in each end for beautiful and powerful intimate pleasure. Sculpted for intense G-spot stimulation or sensual massages.
  • Price: 129.99
  • Lovehoney Multipurpose Pleaser Suction Cup Wand Attachment
  • Description: What do you get when you attach a suction cup toy to a wand vibrator with our Pleaser Wand Attachment? A magical transformation of your suction cup toy into a powerful sex machine, with endless play options and a mission to take you to that special place.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator
  • Description: Forget hand massages. You can shake your whole house from its very foundations with the jaw-rattling judder of this extra-powerful wand. Your cordless Magic Wand harnesses AC power from the wall before firing it out in 8 vibration styles. Brace yourself.
  • Price: 129.99
  • Lovehoney USB Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Description: A mini wand vibe so powerful it needs to be felt to be believed, smooth it over muscles or direct it to more intimate areas for an explosive climax. Perfect for popping in your handbag or taking on holiday, it's small, quiet and USB rechargeable...
  • Price: 44.99
  • Bodywand Aqua Mini USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Description: What with its 8 massage patterns of variable intensity, whisper-quiet motor, flexible neck and soft silicone head, the Bodywand Aqua Mini has all the ingredients required for a climactic night in. Just add water.
  • Price: 89.99
  • Bodywand Luscious Lips Mini Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Enjoy intimate kisses with Bodywand's Luscious Lips, as it deliciously teases erogenous areas with its soft silicone head. An itty bitty version of the classic wand vibrator design, this travel-friendly model enables pinpoint pleasuring stimulation.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Lovehoney Desire Luxury Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Silken silicone envelops the Desire Wand's undulating handle and curved head for unrivalled sensuality and stimulation. The wand's 8 patterns of waves and pulses and 12 levels of adjustable intensity ensures sublime satisfaction is yours for the taking.
  • Price: 99.99
  • Nalone Rockit Touch Control USB Rechargeable Wand Vibrator
  • Description: Touch-responsive technology means Nalone's wand springs into vibration action at the lightest contact against its soft silicone head, stopping the second you withdraw it. Alternatively, explore the 3 speeds and 4 patterns for endless creative play.
  • Price: 89.99
  • Vive Enoki USB Rechargeable Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Description: It's not just its glamorous gold hourglass that makes the Vive Enoki stand out from other wands. Featuring multiple patterns, anti-dust soft-touch silicone, full water resistance and a power-boost function, this massager delivers cutting-edge awesomeness.
  • Price: 77.99
  • Coco de Mer Emmeline USB Rechargeable Pleasure Wand
  • Description: Slip your fingers around Emmeline's slender waist and let her curvaceous silicone hourglass set arousal aflame. A spectrum of speeds dictates the intensity of the 5 vibration patterns, while a bulbous crown offers ample area to conduct the vibrations.
  • Price: 249.99
  • Lovehoney Multispeed Micro Wand Vibrator
  • Description: The best things come in small packages, they say, and size - as we know - has nothing to do with performance. Lovehoney's Multispeed Micro Wand offers ultimate power in a petite form, its travel-friendly size allowing for uncapped climactic possibilities.
  • Price: 19.99
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