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Date Started October 17, 2014
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Pain & Sensation Play

  • Bondage Boutique Bondage Candles (3 Pack)
  • Description: An exciting world of wax play is yours to explore with Bondage Boutique's set of bondage candles. Explore the thrill of intense heat and sensory enhancement as you light the wick and drip melted wax onto your partner's skin for high charged eroticism.
  • Price: 14.99
  • Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves
  • Description: These sadistic leather gloves are detailed with tens of tiny metal spikes to enhance sensory play. A gentle brush across the skin feels ticklish and teasing while harder scrapes cause temporary marks and can leave you feeling a little sore.
  • Price: 45.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Stainless Steel Deluxe Wartenberg Pinwheel
  • Description: Originally designed for medical usage, the Wartenberg Wheel has become a must have item for any S&M enthusiast. Let your lover run this nifty tool across your skin and experience the tingling sensation of 22 little pins pricking your skin.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Doc Johnson Japanese Hot Wax Drip Bondage Candles (3 Pack)
  • Description: Create ambience and excitement with this triple-whammy of bondage candles by Doc Johnson. Designed to burn hotter than massage candles, drip this hot wax over your lover to build suspense and awaken nerve endings with pleasurable pain.
  • Price: 19.99
  • ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle Leather Spanking Paddle
  • Description: Watt is love? Baby please hertz me... Zap your lover's bottom with this tingle-tastic E-Stim spanking paddle by ElectraStim to discover a whole new level of erotic fun. A totally new sensation to spanking or vibrations, it has to be tried to be believed.
  • Price: 124.99
  • Bondage Candle
  • Description: Discover new sensations with this Bondage Candle. Designed to burn at a lower temperature than a household candle, but slightly hotter than a massage candle, this paraffin stick awakens the senses with intense, sensual heat.
  • Price: 8.99
  • Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel
  • Description: Introduce sensory experimentation to your playtime with the Master Series Mini Sensation Pinwheel. Featuring 20 plastic spikes on a rotating wheel, this simple toy delicately prickles the skin and awakens the senses for increased sensory response.
  • Price: 8.99
  • Master Series Prick 9 Row Spiked Wartenberg Pinwheel
  • Description: Make your lovers skin tingle all over with the Master Series Wartenberg wheel. Boasting 9 rows of prickly spikes on a smooth, rotating wheel, this simple toy gently stimulates the skin and awakens sensitive nerve endings for enhanced arousal.
  • Price: 22.99
  • Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel
  • Description: Revolutionise foreplay and make your lover's heart rate spike with the Bondage Boutique pinwheel. The only prick you'll want in your bedroom, its 22 pins provide distinct prickles that increase overall sensitivity. Wheelie good times are yours.
  • Price: 12.99
  • The Bondage Man UV Hot Wax Drip Bondage Candles (3 Pack)
  • Description: Discover a whole new spectrum of S&M fun with these UV glow hot wax bondage candles. In 3 radiant shades, they illuminate under UV blacklight for a plethora of creative erotic thrills. Melt them over your lover's skin for sensory play with a twist!
  • Price: 19.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cupping Set (6 Piece)
  • Description: Increase skin sensitivity, align meridian channels, heal muscles and mark your sub as 'yours' with cupping. Unlike other erotic pumps, this 6 pc set creates effective suction almost anywhere on the body for all over therapy. As used by Olympic athletes.
  • Price: 32.99
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Vampire Hand Paddle with Studs
  • Description: According to legend, there are two kinds of vampire. Ones who explode in daylight, and ones who twinkle. Make your lover's butt tingle (and twinkle) with this beginners vampire paddle. Textured (not spiked) for gain without the pain.
  • Price: 25.99
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