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Date Started October 17, 2014
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Penis Pumps & Enlargers

  • Classix Penis Power Pump
  • Description: If you're new to penis pumps, but want a product designed to increase your penis size and bedroom confidence, the Power Pump is the toy for you. Easy to use with a transparent cylinder so you can track your progress, getting bigger is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Precision Penis Pump
  • Description: Here's a simple penis pump which could help you achieve bigger, harder erections. Great for beginners and travel-friendly too, the set consists of a cylinder, flexible hose, bulb pump, internal seal and erection-boosting cock ring.
  • Price: 32.99
  • Bathmate Original Hercules 3.0 Medium Hydrotherapy Penis Pump
  • Description: Incorporate the Bathmate into your daily ablutions and you could have a thicker and longer erection in just 6 weeks. The best-selling pump creates a strong vacuum on the penis using water rather than air pressure, for incredible results.
  • Price: 109.99
  • STA-HARD Stamina Training Penis Pump Kit (4 Piece)
  • Description: Designed to get and keep you hard, this nifty kit contains an easy-to-use penis pump, erection-enhancing double cock-ring, ribbed masturbator and a remote controlled bullet vibrator. It's the perfect gift to your - or your partner's - manhood!
  • Price: 37.99
  • Lovehoney BASICS Penis Pump
  • Description: Bin the gym workouts and switch to regular penis pump workouts instead. Way more fun! Simple and super-effective, this pump draws extra blood into your erection to help make it bigger, stronger and more sensitive, for mind-blowing pleasure.
  • Price: 24.99
  • Bullfighter's Penis Pump
  • Description: Looking for a workout that gives you impressive results almost instantly? Pump your way to a bigger, stronger and harder penis and watch as you grow through the clear cylinder of this super-effective penis pump.
  • Price: 21.99
  • Master Gauge Trigger Controlled Penis Pump
  • Description: Here's a premium penis pump that's super easy to use and could help to increase the size of your manhood. It features a soft and stretchy jelly opening and an extra-long vacuum tube that allows you to measure how much your penis grows.
  • Price: 45.99
  • Bathmate Hydromax X30 Medium Hydrotherapy Penis Pump
  • Description: Aim for the big time and help boost your erection size with the Bathmate Hydromax X30. The hydraulic penis pump uses water rather than air pressure to maximize engorgement during use, and features 35% more suction power than the Bathmate Hercules model.
  • Price: 159.99
  • Universal Replacement Penis Pump Sleeve
  • Description: Embrace the old wartime philosophy and make do and mend with this penis pump sleeve. A well-fitting sleeve is vital for getting that chamber airtight and pressurized, so keep your pump in peak condition by replacing yours when required.
  • Price: 11.99
  • Quick Draw Trigger Controlled Penis Pump
  • Description: Made from premium materials, this pump is easy to use and offers superb suction to help you build up the length and girth of your old chap. It operates on a simple trigger system, which attaches to a rigid plastic cylinder via a flexible 'non-kink' tube.
  • Price: 38.99
  • Bathmate Hercules Replacement Comfort Pads (3 Pack)
  • Description: Replace the worn out comfort pad on your Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump for a better seal and improved suction. Over time, the comfort pad will wear, making this 3 pack of replacements the best way to maintain your penis pump in the long term.
  • Price: 9.99
  • Andropenis Penis Enlargement System
  • Description: Andropenis is a medical device that aids penis enlargement. One of the most successful systems developed, it could lengthen your penis by 3-4cm whilst erect, and 3-4cm when flaccid. Tests say many get a 32% boost.
  • Price: 222.99
  • Bathmate Hydromax X40 Large Hydrotherapy Penis Pump
  • Description: When big's not big enough, the Bathmate Hydromax X40, designed for larger men, is on hand to help. The pump pressurizes water within a cylinder sealed around your penis to help boost erection size, exerting 35% more power than its predecessor.
  • Price: 194.99
  • Mojo G-Force Digital Automatic Penis Pump
  • Description: One of our customers has this to say about the Mojo G-Force: "This cock pump is fantastic. Me and my partner saw and felt the difference after just one use!"
  • Price: 84.99
  • Doc Johnson Robosuck Automatic Penis Pump
  • Description: This Doc Johnsons 2-in-1 penis pump and vibrating male masturbator feels amazing and could leave you with a bigger penis. Slide your VIP into the super-soft, textured UR3 pussy donut and press the button for intense multi-speed sucking sensations.
  • Price: 64.99
  • Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump
  • Description: Improve erectile health and your sexual performance with this user-friendly beginner's penis pump from Tracey Cox. Simple to use with a hand pump and transparent cylinder so you can monitor your progress and watch your erections improve by up to 30%!
  • Price: 42.99
  • Size Matters Penis Enlargement System
  • Description: This adjustable penis extender gradually stretches the penis tissue with extended wear with the intention of increasing the length of your member. Plus, it's discreet enough to wear under your clothes
  • Price: 77.99
  • Lust Pumper 10 Function Vibrating Penis Pump
  • Description: Penis pumping is designed to increase penis strength and size and boost penile health, but what about pleasure? The Lust Pumper, with its 10 function motor and realistic vagina sleeve, provides all the usual benefits but with fireworks at the finish!
  • Price: 38.99
  • Renegade USB Rechargeable Automatic Penis Pump
  • Description: Train yourself and you could enjoy larger erections with this rechargeable penis pump. Designed to gently suck blood into your penis, watch yourself grow through the clear cylinder for confidence in the bedroom department.
  • Price: 64.99
  • Bathmate Hydromax X20 Small Hydrotherapy Penis Pump
  • Description: Said to give unbeatable results, Bathmate's Hydromax X20 penis pump gives you a water pressure fuelled pump with 35% more power, designed to help build you up to your strongest and largest erections yet.
  • Price: 139.99
  • Fireman's Penis Pump
  • Description: You could supersize your hose with this Fireman's penis pump, for a pole size worth sliding down. Just a few minutes pumping with this hydrant-red cylinder over your manhood can help you get a bigger, stronger hard-on, for rock-hard bed-rocking.
  • Price: 21.99
  • STA-HARD Pleasure and Stamina Training Penis Pump Kit (5 Piece)
  • Description: Penis pumping and so much more, with the STA-HARD 5 piece kit you can super-size your dong and then pop it into and onto all sorts of pleasurable male sex toys. Includes a penis pump, beaded masturbator, 2 cock rings, love egg and butt plug.
  • Price: 42.99
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