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Date Started October 17, 2014
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Sex Furniture & Position Enhancers

  • Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle
  • Description: Add instant leverage and achieve perfect positions in your shower or bath. Lock-down the handle on your walls or tiles and enjoy strong grip and even stronger waves of pleasure.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Sex in the Shower Single Locking Suction Foot Rest
  • Description: This clever foot rest allows you to achieve previously impossible positions in your bath or shower. With its strong lever-activated suction cup and smooth waterproof design, you can have extra leverage, extra height and extra sensations within seconds.
  • Price: 15.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master
  • Description: Take each other in any position you fancy with this top quality, slanted inflatable cushion. Its E-Z Grip Love Handles are perfect for maintaining your positions and offering extra leverage and support. Better sex is just an inflatable cushion away.
  • Price: 29.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat
  • Description: Take the ride of your life with this inflatable love seat from Fetish Fantasy. A soft flock seat with easy-grip handles and a firm vibrating rubber dong anchored into the middle, just sit, bounce and wiggle to unleash its orgasmic capabilities.
  • Price: 45.99
  • Slippery Vinyl Flat Bedsheet
  • Description: Get lubed to the max and make the most of your slippery selves with this heavy PVC bedsheet. Protect your bedspread, sofa, floor or any other surface and get down and dirty in style. Wipe clean and great for practicing how to squirt.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Sexy Shiny Vinyl Flat King Size Bedsheet
  • Description: We give you permission to make a massive mess without ruining your sheets. Spread this super-sized superior quality sheet over your bed (or over the floor) and lube up for a super-fun super-slippery time. Wheeeeeee!
  • Price: 25.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master
  • Description: It's time to get in pole position. Indulge in your wildest fantasies with the Ultra Inflatable Position Master. Its slanted, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off. Perfect for a sexy weekend away, simply deflate it and go.
  • Price: 48.99
  • Inflatable Vibrating Dildo Chair
  • Description: Bouncy, pink, inflatable fun. This blow-up sex furniture holds a multispeed vibrator that will make you quiver with delight. The perfect solution for those looking for a closer-to-sex experience or want their hands kept free for other things, like sudoku.
  • Price: 34.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Door Swing
  • Description: Always wanted a sex swing but don't have the room? This bondage favourite allows you to turn your household doors into a couples sex toy instantly. Made from Neoprene and thick Nylon, it's incredibly sturdy and super-comfortable for vertical hanky panky.
  • Price: 45.99
  • Bondage Boutique Deep Penetration Position Strap
  • Description: Make climax-busting cramp a thing of the past with this padded position strap. Designed to support your lover in the more athletically challenging positions and allow for deeper penetration, you'll be reaching for this belt time after time.
  • Price: 19.99
  • Fetish Vinyl Cushion Cover
  • Description: Lube proof, wax proof, spunk proof... in fact this sexy PVC cushion cover can resist almost any liquid. If you want to splosh, slip and slide during sex but want to avoid the clean up, try this cushion cover to enhance positions and make clean-up easy.
  • Price: 12.99
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Bondage Chair
  • Description: Inflate more than your ego when you introduce this blow up bondage chair to your kinky play sessions. With 6 pre-attached cuffs to restrain arms, wrists and ankles it keeps your sub totally restrained (and ultra-comfortable) for domination play.
  • Price: 45.95
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Vinyl King Size Bedsheet
  • Description: Imagine the scene; you're rolling around in the throes of a wild and passionate embrace when you realise things are about to get messy. Thank goodness you're a genius and fitted this king size vinyl sheet ahead of time. You absolute legend.
  • Price: 25.99
  • Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair
  • Description: It's Position: Impossible, the edge-of-your-bed thriller starring you and the Bondage Boutique sex position enhancer chair. Durable and practical, use it to achieve and maintain difficult positions to give your film plot an unforgettable climax.
  • Price: 89.99
  • Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion
  • Description: More cushion for the pushin', quite literally! Rock and roll your way to climax with this dual-sided sex position cushion from Liberator. Specially designed to support 2 bodies whilst in the throes of passion, isn't it time you had the best sex ever?
  • Price: 74.99
  • Liberator Top Dog Hands-Free Fleshlight Holder Furniture
  • Description: Get more from your Fleshlight and enjoy hands free pleasure that feels just like the real thing with Liberator's Top Dog toy mount. Unlike your mattress or a shoe, this mount maintains the perfect height and hold for worry-free weasel-teasing.
  • Price: 149.99
  • Liberator BonBon Toy Mount
  • Description: What was it Fergie said? Something about humps and lumps? Get love drunk off this hump without "spendin' all your money" and enjoy sensational hands-free orgasms with Liberator. Soft, supportive and keeps your sex toy in prime position for mega-O's.
  • Price: 99.99
  • Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo
  • Description: Do you even lift bro? Hailed as the "greatest invention for sex since the bed", Liberator have a lot to live up to. Lucky for them, and for you, these innovative sex cushions do exactly that. Revolutionise hanky panky and enjoy longer, deeper, better sex.
  • Price: 234.99
  • Liberator Sex Position Wedge
  • Description: A boost for your bedroom, the Liberator Wedge offers a 27-degree angle of elevation for more precise contact with her clitoris, deeper penetration for his penis, and a wider range of motion. Liberating times!
  • Price: 89.99
  • Slippery Vinyl Fitted King Size Bedsheet
  • Description: Slip and slide your way to climactic bliss with this fitter PVC sheet. Perfect for mattresses, sofas or any other soft furnishing you'd like to protect, enjoy lubed up fun, watersports or practice learning how to squirt without leaving a soggy puddle.
  • Price: 69.99
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