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Date Started October 17, 2014
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Our Informational Sites that we have carry information from various 3rd party sources and in not re-written and/or change by us in any way, shape, and/or form unless noted there-as. These sites carry News & Information for the general public and we take no option and/or will try to force our options, views and/or believes upon you. We have put this information out there for you pleasure, knowledge, and laughter where possible. Sit back & enjoy these sites or if let us know why.

As for our Drop Ship Program

Should you purchase an item(s) from us the information such as invoice, names, address, phone and amount is readily available to us for processing your order. Your credit card information is keep on hand at the Credit Card Process. We may contact you to verify the order purchases in your name, but will not disclose any information except to law enforcement and/or with a court order. Do not ask us to vary from our Privacy Policies. We will not share, sell, and give away your name, address, phone number, or E-Mail address to any one for any reason without a court order, and/or verifiable law enforcement.

As for our Affiliate Marketing Program

We, A And L Merchants, Inc. list the items from other Merchants or Seller of a product from the web site. We will in most cases be paid for these services. We make no claim that the Merchant, Seller, or products you purchase is what they say is or will perform. If we find a Merchant, Seller, or products is misrepresented we remove all their products from our site(s).

Being with various affiliate programs with several Merchants we suggest strongly that you Read each Merchants Policies as A And L Merchants, Inc. & its other sites partners with third party online advertising companies to deliver advertisements for various Merchants on this site & our other sites.

Some of our Merchants have started using a program we call "Interest-Based-Advertising". There is information gathered from what type of items interest you the most. From here the advertiser can more focus the ads to your interest. For example if you are looking at gold bracelets the Merchant(s) or Advertiser(s) ads may reflect gold bracelets ads. To the best of our knowledge the only information collected from you is related to what interest you the most.

These companies use cookies and similar technologies to collect information such as what you have viewed, price range, style & color to select ads that are likely to be more relevant to your "Interest-Based". To learn more about this practice, or to opt-out of "Interest-Based-Advertising", click here, or to opt-out of "Interest-Based-Advertising", click here.

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